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XV Episode 11[1]

Humanity itself.

"The brain of a human is wider and deeper than the whole cosmos."
As James theorized in 1987, factoring in its unused areas yields a structure demonstrating ultra-high processing power.

Only by connecting the brains of all humanity in parallel via the use of brainwaves,
was it possible to bring the planetary environmental remodeling system device Yggdrasil System into the full drive.

In order to bring that about, Shem-Ha attempted to destroy the Lunar Ruins and lift the Curse of Balal, and reconstruct the network made of all humanity.

Or rather, such was theorized by Enki's remnant.


Shem-Ha who had been resurrected into the modern era, while incapable of bring the system to full capacity,
began modifying the planetary environment using Yggdrasil without first lifting the Curse of Balal.

And so, the dreadful scheme to rewrite all life into monsters advanced despite all expectations.