Kohinata Miku

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Kohinata Miku
Kohinata Miku.png
Character Information
Age 16
Species Human
Height 156 cm
Gender Female
Nationality Japanese
  • 2nd Division
  • S.O.N.G.
Relic Shenshoujing (former)
Franchise Information
Voice Actor Iguchi Yuka
First Appearance Senki Zesshou Symphogear, Episode 1

Tachibana Hibiki's closest childhood friend who always wants to support her in bad and good times.



XV Episode 6[1]

Tachibana Hibiki's sunshine in the form of her best friend.

But more than that... She's also hypothesized to be a potential vessel for the divine power.

Despite being under the utmost protection level and she herself being unknowingly placed under close guard, that information was revealed when the headquarters was under investigation.

Although she was going to be silenced as part of the plot to kidnap Elfnein, she was saved at the last second by Fudou, who sought a vessel for the divine power.

She narrowly escaped death, being taken away along with Elfnein.


XV Episode 7

The reason she was allowed to survive was because she could serve as a vessel for the divine power.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the divine power has not yet completely filled her.

A small hope that she may yet be able to be saved.