Kimi Dake ni

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Kimi Dake ni
XV Hibiki cover.jpg
Song Information
Singer Yuuki Aoi
Composer Agematsu Noriyasu
Lyrics Agematsu Noriyasu
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Kimi Dake ni (ja: キミだけに, en: "To You Alone") is a song by Tachibana Hibiki, from the first Symphogear XV Character Song album.

The sun starts to set, the wind begins to change, the streetlamps quietly come alight
Anxiety and loneliness attempt to cloud my mind

I was afraid, scared of being alone
The past stares back at me in the dark of night

My hand, my heart, my everything
All for our future
But all I can do now is destroy

As if to bandage the pain in my heart
You show me a night where I won't feel lonely anymore
While we watch the stars shoot by
I squeeze your hand tightly, and you squeeze mine in return
I know I shouldn't cry, but...

I'm a tattered, uncool weakling of a hero
Whenever you weren't in trouble, I always failed to notice your tears

Just by saying that I'd be home soon, I was hurting you
I didn't even give you the chance to be the one to protect me

When you said "thank you for being born" with all your heart,
it gave me the courage to stand up again
Now I want to respond to your eternal love

I'm no good with difficult things
And I don't know how to say this, but
The fact that under these stars, out of all the ones in the sky
We can live our lives together, hand in hand
Is such a Miracle!

My hand, my heart, my everything
They're all for our future
I want to promise an eternity all for you

The future within your name, the time engraved upon it
Those days where we could just say "see you tomorrow"
We'll make them bloom like a flower in the sunshine once more
Let's make our dreams resound
Let's live out our lives together

Being a tattered, uncool hero is fine
As long as I can protect the one person in front of me

が落ちて風が変わる 街灯がそっと点く
不安なこと 孤独なこと 紛らわすかのように

わたしも怖かった 一人が怖かった
夜の闇の鏡 過去を映すから

わたしの右手は わたしのココロは
わたしの全部は 未来(みらい)の為にあると

そんな胸の痛み 優しく包むように
銀河が降るような 星の丘でぎゅっと

オンボロで カッコ悪い 弱虫なヒーローだ
いつだって ピンチじゃなきゃ 君の涙気づけない

「ちょっと行ってくる」の 台詞で傷つけて
守らせる隙さえ あげられなかった

生まれてきたこと 「ありがとう」と言う
君の全霊が わたしを立たせたんだ

難しいことは わたしは馬鹿だから
星の数ぶんの 一つに今いるよ

わたしの右手は わたしのココロは
わたしの全部は 未来-みらい-の為にあるよ
…永遠-とわ-を 誓わせて欲しいんだ

君の名が付いた その二文字の時を…
陽だまりの中で 花を立ち咲かせて

オンボロで カッコ悪い ヒーローだっていいんだ
目の前の たった一つ 守ることが出来れば