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Season One Keyword

The Symphogear System created from a fragment of the 3rd relic, “Gungnir.”

Its previous user was Amou Kanade but then passed to its current user, Tachibana Hibiki.

Generally, when the Symphogear is removed by the user the energy levels will return to normal and it will reconfigure into its pendant form. However…

At the time of the concert tragedy, fragments of the gear were embedded into the area near Hibiki’s heart. They remained there and eventually ended up fusing with her body.

Furthermore, ever since Hibiki has become a Symphogear user, whenever she activates the system itself, the fusion spreads even further, like cancer cells, slowly altering her body.

The remarkable resilience and explosive power of Hibiki’s energy, coupled with her accelerated recovery rate, is likely caused by the fused pieces of Gungnir.

G Keyword

The third relic which provides the base of the “Gungnir” Symphogear worn by Tachibana Hibiki. The gear was made from a fragment of a mighty spear which in Norse mythology was wielded by the god Odin.