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Elsa Bete
Character Information
Gender Female
Nationality French
Franchise Information
Voice Actor Ichinose Kana
First Appearance Symphogear XV, Episode 1


A former member of the Bavarian Illuminati.

Just like Vanessa and Millaarc, she was once a test subject held in contempt as a "filthy rustling," but she resents that label and desperately wants to change.

Despite being the most junior of the remnants, she is considered to be a notable genius and reliable organizer.

The bestial features she was implanted with allow her to strengthen her nervous system as an element of her fighting style.

In addition, she is able to attach various tails and similar devices into a socket at her hip, which she uses as her primary form of attack.


XV Episode 2[2]

Full name: Elsa Bete.

She hails from Lozère, France. After falling victim to assaults and kidnappings at the hands of her relatives, she fell into the hands of the Bavarian Illuminati for use in experiments.

As well as having undergone surgery to increase the sensitivity of her nerves, she was also augmented to allow faster reaction times and parallel information processing.

She uses her inhuman speed and manipulator devices known as "tail attachments" in combat.

In order to reduce the physical strain of such abilities, she was implanted with the DNA of several different beasts and as a result expresses some feral taint on her body.

Compared to Vanessa and Millaarc, she may be lacking in raw power but makes up for it in strategy, tactics, quick-wittedness, and flexibility.