Electric Field Microscope Beatrice

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AXZ Episode 5[1][2]

An (in)complete device developed by Elfnein utilizing alchemy and the Direct Feedback System as a base.

She developed it with the goal of being able to observe and understand the human brain.
The device sends an electric signal into the patient's brain and then develops a virtual version based off the response.

On the other end, the observer's consciousness is converted to electric signals and sent into the virtual realm where the "world" of the brain can be viewed from the inside.
The most important feature of the device is the mechanism by which it reduces potential damage to the patient's brain.

Unlike the case of Miku Kohinata and the Shenshoujing Symphogear, the device does not directly interfere with the patient's brain and instead recreates the brain's signals in a fake, virtual realm. However, this does not mean that it is devoid of risk. There are many potential dangers including loss of the subject's personality or fusion with the observer's consciousness.

The device is named after "Beatrice" from "The Divine Comedy" by Italian poet Dante.
Just as the protagonist (Dante himself) met her in hell, the observer must also enter and travel through a "dangerous world," the subject's virtual consciousness.
Another reason for the name is that the root of "Beatrice" (Viatrix) comes from the Latin "viare" which means "to travel."