Divine Power

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AXZ Episode 2[1][2]

The "absolute power" sought by the Bavarian Illuminati.

The result of centuries of research performed by those involved with Saint Germain, finally given a complete form.

The "Divine Power," created through the lives of many sacrifices, is pure, directionless energy with no true shape or color.
However, through the influence of thought, it was reformed into a "weapon" designed with a specific goal.

In the Val Verde experiment, it was conceptualized through the image of the South American god known as Yohualtepoztli.
As a result, it manifested in a terrifying and monstrous form that immediately assaulted Fujitaka and Tomosato as they performed reconnaissance.

It has offensive capabilities that can overwhelm even the Symphogear system, however more than that it has the ability to offset damage done to it by sacrificing one version of itself in a parallel universe.
This ability that transcends the realm of logic makes it essentially invincible and therefore is its greatest strength.

After it reached its completed form, it became possible for any Alchemist to summon and utilize it.
However, in the battle at the Escalon Airport, it and was completely obliterated by Hibiki's strike before it could make use of its nearly invincible ability.

XV Episode 6[3]

A general term referring to a mass of directionless multidimensional energy.

Not only does the energy have the entropy density required to create entire worlds, it also boasts a quality and volume befitting of a "God."

In addition to the previous case of being created from compressing life energy extracted from the Heavens, Earth, and Man, there are many other ways of purifying the energy.
In this instance, the energy was extracted directly by means of a complete relic.

Originally colorless and pure, its form vastly differs based on its intended use.

In the case of Yohualtepoztli, encountered by S.O.N.G. in the Republic of Val Verde, it was conceptualized through the visage of the widely-known South American deity.
This vengeful spirit was an unparalleled weapon, but it was able to be controlled as a "false god."

Presently, both Kazanari Fudou and Noble Red desire the divine power for their own purposes.

Noble Red plan to use the divine power to speed up the regeneration of their remaining "humanity," allowing them return to being "human."

This can also be seen as an attempt to replicate the incident where Relic Fusion Specimen #1, Tachibana Hibiki, instantaneously regenerated her left arm after it was swallowed by Nephilim.

What was stolen from them was their future as humans.
Recovering that is Noble Red's goal, and the divine power is a means to that end.

XV Episode 7

The divine power hidden within the Vambrace of Shem-Ha overflowed due to its immense volume exceeding initial simulations.
This resulted in a temporary purge of the energy outside of the Château, where it gathered.
Plans were amended to allow the divine power time to materialize and fill the girl serving as its vessel.

The giant mass of energy "located" at the highest point of Château de Tiffauges does not move with any clear will of its own.
Instead, it merely defends itself from approaching helicopters and Adaptors while attempting to invade its chosen "vessel" like a hermit crab searching for a shell.
Its "reactions" seem limited to mere instincts and impulses.