Disaster Prevention Mobilization Law

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AXZ Episode 12[1][2]

A new law established in an effort to adapt to the recent outbreaks of supernatural disasters.

A fair amount of force has been used in both its establishment and execution, causing it to become the target of much criticism by opposing parties.

The law allows for the mobilization of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces not only in the event of singular disasters (the Noise), but also any disasters caused by relics or heretical technology. It was written so broad interpretations could be made to allow for flexible responses in the event of unforeseen disasters.

It's enforcement can be quite ruthless, allowing for a termination (and prompt retreat) order against a target without the need for debate, as was the case for the Symphogear Adaptor who was consumed by the divine power.

XV Episode 3[3]

It's a very important law, you must not gloss over it with a "whatever."