Château de Tiffauges

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GX Episode 3[1][2]

A gigantic device that takes its name from a taboo castle, where acts of immorality occurred nightly. It is also the residence of Carol and her dolls, a patchwork created by various relics and heretical technologies.
Currently it remains under construction, however all that remains are the trigger parts necessary to activate and control the machine.
Once that is complete, it can be used as a World Destructor.

XV Episode 5[3]

A mega-structure known as the "World Destroyer" that was constructed by Carol during the Magical Girl Incident for the purpose dissecting the world.

At the end of a fierce battle, it collapsed above the former metropolitan government building and fell under the management of the Kazanari Organization.

However, due to the complex interaction of a number of heretical technologies, the situation must be handled very carefully and demolition of the structure has been proceeding slowly.

Its breathtaking presence rises to the heavens like a gravestone.