Antikythera Mechanism

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XV Episode 2[1]

The keystone of the autoscorer "Tiki."
Thanks to it, Tiki was able to observe the movements of the stars.

After the battle with Adam over the divine power, Tiki's remains were handled in accordance with the Disaster Prevention Mobilization Law and placed under examination on a floating research facility.

However, it was lost in an "accident."

Or so was thought.

Recently, the situation completely reversed when S.O.N.G. recovered it from a waste disposal facility that was being used as an enemy hideout.

The accident seemed to become more and more like some sort of plot, with the Kazanari Organization coming under suspicion as the leaders of the research team.

In actuality, Kazanari Fudou and Noble Red used the Antikythera Mechanism and the data from its examination, diverted through illegal channels, to perform a ritual to activate the Vambrace of Shem-Ha.

The Vambrace of Shem-Ha is a perfect, undamaged complete relic and its activation was expected to be just as troublesome as that of Solomon's Cane and Nehushtan's Armor.
In reality, the activation experiment was carried out so swiftly that even Vanessa herself was surprised.

Exactly how the activation differed from that of a normal phonic gain-based process is, as of now, unknown.

Even Finè, before settling on using the power of songs, phonic gain, pursued the method of using the leylines in the heavens.

In order to do that, she required Tiki, due to Tiki's ability to track the movements of the stars.
Four hundred years ago, this resulted in a clash between her and the Bavarian Illuminati.

In the end, Tiki was lost, and both parties were forced to spend time researching a new method of activating complete relics.