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T: I swear that I will never waver
T: I swear that I will never waver

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Angelic Remnant
Song Information
Singers Mizuki Nana, Hikasa Youko
Composer Agematsu Noriyasu
Lyrics Agematsu Noriyasu
First Appearance Symphogear XV, Episode 2

Angelic Remnant is an insert song in Symphogear XV.


XV Episode 2[1]

One of the songs originally intended to be sung at the music festival "QUEENS of MUSIC" in a special duet between Tsubasa and Maria.

Due to interference by a terrorist organization, that never occurred.

It was chosen as a special opening surprise when Tsubasa and Maria reunited onstage at the "roof of heaven" concert.


T: I swear that I will never waver
M: Our songs
T: (Our songs)
2: Will resonate high in the sky
T: The winds blow without end
T: As we are exposed to their mercy
M: Even so, our dreams that bloomed so passionately
M: Give us the courage to keep moving forward
T: This voice
M: This heart
T: And the duet of love they sing
M: Are the feathers
T: Of an angel taking flight
M: As they slowly drift to the ground
T: Even now, you can feel them on your back
M: The wings that allow you to soar through this chaotic world
2: Dance!
2: As long as you have a place to call home
2: Don't be afraid to set out for your dreams
2: Of the billions of stars, no two are the same
M: Living is
T: This beat is
M: A throbbing heartbeat
T: And the meaning of it
2: Can only be found in your own melody
2: Play it out into your own future
2: So shine, and turn your life into song