Ame no Habakiri

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Season One Keyword

The Symphogear System created from a fragment of the 1st relic, Ame no Habakiri.

Its wearer is Kazanari Tsubasa.

Its outward appearance and functions evolved considerably in the time between the attack at the concert two years ago and the present day.

As part of its design, the Symphogear System has 301,655,722 different types of locks in place;
depending on the user's proficiency and personal battle style, these locks can be gradually and systematically released.

This feature is meant to reduce strain on the body by conforming to the idiosyncracies of the user;
it is necessary for an Adaptor to train their body and accumulate combat experience in order to maximize their energy output—achieving mastery is no easy task.

G Keyword

The first relic which provides the base of the “Ame no Habakiri” Symphogear worn by Kazanari Tsubasa. The gear was made from a fragment of a sword which in Japanese mythology was wielded by the god Susasnoo in the story of his fight against Orochi.