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GX Episode 7[1][2]

A gear created from a relic fragment brought to the US's relic research institution (the F.I.S.) by Finè.

The source of the black arts tech that utilized the fragment were known to Professor Nastassja, but since her death it is a Symphogear that remains shrouded in mystery.

In the beginning, the gear was worn by Serena, however currently its shine has been inherited by her older sister, Maria.

XV Episode 6[3]

The Symphogear worn by Maria Cadenzavna Eve, as well as the name of the relic used in the Gear's converter unit.

Like Shul Shagana and Igalima, it was seized by Ameircan troops during the Iraq War.

In order to acquire the relics held by Iraq, the American government claimed them to be "weapons of mass destruction" and employed a number of strategies that ultimately resulted in the Iraq War.

After the war, the Americans relented that they didn't actually find any weapons of mass destruction.

However, that was merely a front to hide the fact that they had been able to acquire multiple relics.

But there's one small inconsistency.

Airget-lamh is originally a silver arm of Celtic mythology, completely unrelated to Iraq and the Middle East, unlike Shul Shagana and Igalima.

In reality, "Airget-lamh" was named as such out of convenience due to its shape and color because the FIS was unable to identify the relic's true identity.

Although this information has long been hidden, bits of information were released by Vanessa after she attacked Los Alamos National Laboratory, where the FIS was located.

The true identity of Airget-lamh is still unknown.

For Maria, it's the silver flame left to her by her deceased younger sister, a ray of light that lives in this moment.